Mysterious Floating Stones in Gaya’s Ramsagar Pond Stir Curiosity and Devotion

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Remarkable Phenomenon of Floating Stones Spotted in Ramsagar Pond, Gaya

In a unique event garnering significant attention in Gaya, Bihar, our reporters have discovered an unusual happening at Ramsagar Pond. Here, four floating stones have sparked curiosity and incited a mix of cultural and spiritual excitement. The event unfolded on a routine Tuesday morning after 10 AM and has since drawn a large crowd from the neighboring regions.

An Unexpected Occasion Attracting Attention

The unusual spectacle was first noticed by local women, with opinions on the phenomenon varying. Some worshipped the floating stones from a distance, attributing religious significance to them, while others raised doubts about the authenticity of these floating stones. The phenomenon endured throughout the day, with the number of floating stones eventually exceeding the initial four, adding a layer of depth to the intrigue at Ramsagar Pond.

The Fascination of the Floating Stones

The situation grew more captivating when a brave local youth managed to retrieve one of the stones from the pond. A ritualistic touching ensued, with onlookers paying respects to the stone before it was gently returned to the water. The occurrences of the day instigated a frenzy of speculation and anticipation among the people present, with some even suggesting the involvement of divine power.

Speculations and Controversies Erupt

  • The prevailing notion suggested that the stones were not mere stones, but a representation of Lord Shri Ram and his brothers, given their apparent ability to float.
  • A proposal for constructing a temple at the sight was also widely discussed, as a mark of respect and acknowledgement to the presumed divine element.

However, not everybody shared the same belief regarding the phenomenon. Some locals suggested a more grounded explanation. Sources cite locals named Sandeep and Deepu Sinha, who claim the stones share a texture that is reminiscent of common construction materials. They upped the ante by suggesting that the floating stones might have originated from a nearby construction site and might have been deliberately placed in the water.

Final Remarks

As the notable occurrence at Gaya’s Ramsagar Pond continues to attract attention and speculation, a clear explanation for the spectacle remains elusive. Whether guided by spiritual beliefs or grounded logic, people from all walks of life find themselves drawn to the phenomenon that is the floating stones of Ramsagar Pond.


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