Musical Fusion: Michael Manring and Brian Gore Unite at The Lost Church for an Unforgettable Performance

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Upcoming Marquee Events in the Bay Area

Our source provides details on a plethora of entertaining events looming on the horizon of the Bay Area. This includes a much-anticipated musical performance, an engaging exhibition at a historic venue, a diverse cinematic festival, and a stand-up comedy show.

Ascendant Stars to Shine at The Lost Church

Noted bassist Michael Manring and accomplished guitarist and poet Brian Gore have been scheduled to display their sonic artistry at The Lost Church on Thursday, March 14. Partaking in both solo and duet performances, these artists are set to deliver a night of enchanting musical expressions.

Gore, the visionary behind the International Guitar Night, is esteemed for his finesse in fingerstyle guitar technique. His contribution to various collaborations with guitar luminaries signifies his vast experiences and talents. His performance at the venue will encompass selections from his stirring album, ‘Seek the Love You’re Yearning.’

Manring, on the other hand, is admired for his extraordinary dexterity on bass guitar. His abilities extend beyond the conventional parameters of the instrument, promising a captivating act to all in attendance.

Volunteer Opportunity at Petaluma Historical Library & Museum

In other news, the Petaluma Historical Library & Museum has issued a call for volunteer desk docents. These volunteers will play an integral part in enhancing the visitor experience, assisting with warm welcomes and navigating through the exhibits.

FORK2FILM Festival: A Fusion of Taste and Entertainment

The annual FORK2FILM Festival, taking place from March 14 to March 17 in St. Helena, presents a myriad of films correlating to the themes of food, farming, and wine culture. This event marries the thrill of cinema with an appreciation for gastronomical delights, offering a unique tasting experience for attendees.

An Evening of Comedy at Trek Winery

Lastly, the stage at Trek Winery in Novato will welcome seasoned comedian Dan Gabriel on Saturday, March 16. Known for his wit and engaging stage presence, Gabriel promises an evening of laughter, further enhanced with the offering of fine wines from the winery.

  • Michael Manring’s bass versatility
  • Brian Gore’s mastery in guitar technique from ‘Seek the Love You’re Yearning’
  • Volunteer docents assisting in an enriching experience at the Petaluma Historical Library & Museum
  • Gastronomical films at the FORK2FILM Festival
  • Dan Gabriel’s performance at Trek Winery
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