MPC-HC: Windows’ Reliable, Cost-Free, Open-Source Media Player

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Media Player Classic – Home Cinema (MPC-HC) is a comprehensive, free, and open-source media player specifically designed for Windows. It has undergone significant development since its inception as the Guliverkli project. The software has additional features and bug fixes that enhance the overall user experience. MPC-HC is extremely versatile and can support a wide range of media formats. It utilizes DXVA technology to delegate decoding tasks to modern video cards, thereby improving overall performance.

Unmatched Features and Support

MPC-HC distinguishes itself with its extensive support for DVDs, including menu navigation and subtitle features. It offers a dark interface option, enables video previewing on the seek bar, allows for adjustable playback speed with pitch correction, and even remembers playback positions. MPC-HC caters to various user preferences. The software can be controlled using customizable keyboard hotkeys and mouse actions, which includes commands for video manipulation such as rotation and zoom.

Streaming and Download Capabilities

In addition to its extensive local playback capabilities, MPC-HC also allows for video streaming from sites like Youtube when combined with yt-dlp.exe or youtube-dl.exe. Furthermore, users can even download videos directly by adding ffmpeg.exe. The player also supports HDR content playback through madVR or MPC Video Renderer.

Updates and Improvements in Version 2.1.4

Version 2.1.4 introduces a user interface options page, removes support for, adds advanced options for the deinterlace blend filter, and improves M3U playlist parsing. It also includes fixes for issues such as subtitle track index saving and manual subtitle search. These updates further solidify MPC-HC’s reputation as a robust, flexible, and user-friendly media player that can meet diverse multimedia needs.