Motherwell Braces for Tough Rangers Clash at Ibrox Amid Premiership Title Race

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Stuart Kettlewell Expresses Confidence Ahead of Rangers Clash

Motherwell’s head coach Stuart Kettlewell is expressing hope and optimism as his team prepares for an upcoming clash with Rangers at Ibrox. This sentiment is drawn from the team’s previous performances rather than recent struggles.

Motherwell’s Resilience despite Tough Streak

The Lanarkshire team has faced a difficult season thus far, enduring a challenging streak of 15 Premiership games without securing a win. Yet, Kettlewell recalls their last encounter with Rangers in Govan, where his squad displayed great resilience. Although the game ended in a narrow 1-0 loss, the performance from Motherwell signified determination and strength.

Rangers’ Current Top Form

Kettlewell does not shed the truth about Rangers’ current top form, acknowledging their prowess under new manager Philippe Clement. Rangers recently notched their name higher following a solid 5-0 triumph over Hearts, clearly showcasing their dominant run.

Drawing Confidence from Recent Victory

Despite Rangers’ impressive performance, Kettlewell believes that his troops, filled with encouragement from their recent 3-1 win against Livingston, can put up a competitive match. He strongly feels that Motherwell’s position, combined with their evident lack of fear, could culminate in an exciting games.

Strive for Top-Six Position in Premiership

Charging his team with enthusiasm, Coach Kettlewell is placing emphasis on the importance of maintaining high performance levels. He shares the ambitious goal of securing a top-six position in the Premiership, regardless of the team’s previous challenges.

Motherwell’s Current Position

Motherwell finds themselves, at present, just three points shy of the coveted sixth place. In light of this, the optimistic Kettlewell is urging his players to strive for continual upscale in form. There is a strong belief within the squad that they can improve on their recent games and close the gap further.

Looking Ahead…

As Motherwell moves forward, their focus remains on the upcoming games. With renewed vigor following their victory against Livingston and a dedicated coaching staff championing improvement and consistency, they are ready to face the challenges that lie ahead. The upcoming match against Rangers is viewed as a stepping stone towards greater accomplishment and progress in the Premiership.


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