Moore Shannon Publicizes Run for District 2 Longview City Council Position

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Shannon Moore Announces Her Aim for District 2 City Council Seat

Highlighting our very own source, Shannon Moore, an accomplished registered nurse, tax professional, and testing center handler, has pronounced her candidature for the District 2 position in the Longview City Council. The vivacious launch event was held at the locally beloved Maude Cobb Convention and Activity Center. As cited by Moore, this political journey is the fruition of her spiritual beckoning and heavenly vision, supported heartily by her near and dear ones.

Expect More, Want Moore: The Promise of True Representation

Moore strenuously spoke to her audience of around 30 people, unveiling her tenacious campaign slogan, “Expect more, want Moore”. This tagline is a definite reflection of her commitment to whole-heartedly represent her constituents residing in District 2. Her grand credit lies in her rich professional wisdom, a legacy carved from her years as an eminent senior registered nurse case manager, her entrepreneur spark in the tax sector, and a human resource operator at a test center.

An Impressive Resume Backed by Education and Experience

Moore’s extensive educational rooting comes from her attainments at Kilgore College. Her prior commitment to city administration is backed by her involvement in the city’s Zoning Board of Adjustment. The happening event was graced by the presence of the existing District 2 councilwoman, Nona Snoddy, and trustee of Longview ISD, Ted Beard. However, both maintained a decorum of neutrality refraining from endorsing any specific candidate.

The Keystone of Moore’s Political Quest

Moore fondly looks forward to a spirited rivalry with Natasha Harrell in the approaching elections on May 4. Her campaign theme strikes the chord of comprehensive economic expansion, the advent of healthier food destinations, and much-needed ameliorations in the South Longview infrastructure. Her supportive pillar in the form of her sister, Dr. Tracy Hicks, bolstered Moore’s political journey, praising her for her unparalleled leadership skills and her ability to address crucial communal concerns for the common interest of her constituents.

The voting process is geared up for an early commencement, with the dates set from April 22 to 26 and 29 to 30 at City Hall.

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