Mompesson House Unveils 2024 Season: A Tribute to Unsung Artisans and Servants

United Kingdom
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Re-emergence of Mompesson House for the 2024 Season

Mompesson House, a notable 18th-century townhouse situated in Salisbury, resurfaces for the 2024 season, unveiling its doors once again from March 8. As per our sources, the house is managed with utmost care by the National Trust.

Focusing on the Unseen Towers of Strength

This year, the management team centers the spotlight on those who have always stayed out of the limelight, the unsung heroes who kept the house running. These include the skilled artisans, diligent servants, and efficient suppliers who have played substantial roles in maintaining and supplying the townhouse.

A Year Divided by Seasons, Celebrated by Roles

With an innovative approach, the year has been divided into seasonal themes to pay tribute to the varying roles. Spring, the season of renewal, emphasizes the works of the diligent artisans. The sunny and vibrant summer lauds the efforts of the hardworking servants. Lastly, the autumn season gives due respect to the dedicated suppliers.

Experience It All With Self-guided Tours

Starting March 22, Mompesson House offers riveting self-guided tours, allowing visitors to dive deep into the seasonal themes. These tours are supplemented by a complimentary and engaging activity sheet for children, themed around the concept of makers and creators.

Additional Visitor Attractions

Mompesson House also hosts a tranquil tea room, offering a relaxed setting for visitors to unwind. Additionally, a second-hand bookshop, featuring an array of insightful reads, has been revamped and awaits bookworms to explore and enjoy.

Visitor Guidelines and Timings

To all history, architecture and culture enthusiasts, our source informs that the Mompesson House is available for visits from Friday to Tuesday, beginning March 8, with timings set from 11 am to 4 pm. The best part being, there is no obligation for advance booking, making it a casual and comfortable visitation experience for all.

Special Arrangements for groups and Blue Badge Holders

Furthermore, the house management has taken into consideration the needs of larger groups, providing them with special arrangements. There’s good news for Blue Badge holders as well, as specific parking areas have been allocated for their convenience.


Mompesson House is looking forward to welcoming you this season, offering a unique glimpse into its rich past and the influential figures that made it what it is today. Begin your journey in time and come explore the wonderful educational, cultural andhistorical experiences that Mompesson House has to offer!


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