Modi, Macron talk Red Sea issues, Israel-Hamas turmoil

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron Discuss Global Issues

Conversations between Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India and French President Emmanuel Macron covered significant regional developments, including the tensions in the Red Sea, the situation in Gaza, and the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The source of this news is the Reader Wall.

Meeting Between Leaders

The two leaders discussed not only areas of priority in their bilateral relationship but also paid special attention to global affairs. In a joint statement issued by India and France, both leaders strongly denounced the terrorist attack on Israel on 7th October and expressed their solidarity with the people of Israel. They condemned the heavy loss of civilian lives in the ongoing conflict and stressed the importance of respecting international humanitarian law.

Focus on Global Disruptions

Modi and Macron held comprehensive discussions in Jaipur to strengthen their bilateral ties and focused on potential and actual disruptions happening in the Red Sea’s maritime domain, impacting commercial shipping. Being a critical matter of concern, this topic was given significant importance during their talks.

India’s Concerns

India has shown deep concern about the unfolding situation in the Red Sea and parts of the Arabian Sea. The attacks by Houthi rebels on commercial vessels in the region have had a direct impact on India’s economic interests. Foreign secretary Vinay Kwatra stated that maintaining solid partnerships with various stakeholders in maritime space has always been a priority for India.

Increased Surveillance

The Indian Navy has significantly increased its surveillance in the volatile region and deployed task groups of around ten warships following recent attacks on India-bound merchant vessels. Vinay Kwatra also highlighted the importance of strong partnerships as they help to construct an information matrix that can respond to protect commercial shipping interests and overall maritime security.

Effects of Israel-Hamas Conflict

The Iran-backed Houthi militia has been targeting commercial shipping in the area with missiles and drones since the Israel-Hamas conflict began. The situation in Gaza, the attacks on commercial shipping in the Red and Arabian Seas, and the accompanying maritime threats were the main focus of the recent discussions between the leaders.

Joint Statement

According to the joint statement released recently, both leaders also demanded an immediate and unconditional release of all hostages. They reaffirmed the importance of a political process leading to a two-state solution for lasting peace and stability in the region.

Cooperation in the Indian Ocean Region and Indo-Pacific

Responding to a question about cooperation in the Indian Ocean region and the Indo-Pacific, Kwatra emphasized that both India and France, as resident powers in this part of the world, can collaborate to address the challenges and harness the opportunities available in these regions.


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