Mo Salah coming back shortly? Liverpool’s Assistant coach releases vital news following Egypt striker causes alarm at Anfield.

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Mohamed Salah, Liverpool Forward, Predicted to Return in Three to Four Weeks

News from the Reader Wall indicates that Liverpool and Egypt’s forward, Mohamed Salah, is projected to be back in action within a span of three to four weeks, provided there are no hitches in his recovery process. This was disclosed by Liverpool’s deputy manager, Pepijn Lijnders, on Tuesday.

Salah’s Injury and Recovery

Salah, an international player for Egypt, will journey to England for treatment following a hamstring injury he suffered before halftime in the recent 2-2 draw with Ghana at the Africa Cup of Nations, held in Abidjan. This development stirred anxiety among Liverpool fans.

Lijnders, in his discussion with reporters ahead of Liverpool’s League Cup semi-final second leg against Fulham, stated: “Salah’s hamstring has a significant tear, so we expect him back in three to four weeks if all goes smoothly and correctly.”

He optimistically stated that the recovery process would run smoothly, attributing this confidence to the club’s track record with injury treatment

The Involvement of Medical Teams

Lijnders further revealed that there was cooperation between Liverpool’s medical team and their counterparts from Egypt, and they collectively decided Salah would be better treated in England rather than stay with the national team currently participating in the Africa Cup of Nations.

Lijnders expressed his satisfaction with the teams’ collaborative efforts, stating: “I’m elated by the teamwork between the medical team of Egypt and Liverpool football club. Their close interaction resulted in this collective decision.”

According to Lijnders, the decision to have Salah return for treatment is to give him the best possible chance to fully recover if Liverpool qualifies for the League Cup final.

What It Means for Liverpool

Currently, Liverpool, winners of the League Cup a record nine times, are set to play at Craven Cottage on Wednesday, starting with a 2-1 lead from the first leg. Coincidentally, there is anticipated return of left back Andy Robertson who has been out of play since October due to a shoulder injury.

Lijnders stated, “Robertson has only had one training session, but he’s pressing on which is great. He is one of our captains, and that’s significantly crucial. The medical team has said that his inclusion in the squad against Fulham is a coaching decision.”

As it stands, Liverpool leads the Premier League by five points, ahead of the previous champions, Manchester City. Salah’s quick and successful recovery could be key to Jurgen Klopp’s team in claiming the Premier League title for a second time.


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