Minister Munda from Union connects with invited tribal learners as R-day unique visitors

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Interaction Between Union Tribal Affairs Minister and Tribal Students Post Republic Day Celebrations

On the day following India’s Republic Day celebrations, Union Tribal Affairs Minister, Arjun Munda, spent time engaging with tribal students and teachers from around India. These students were exceptional attendees at Republic Day activities in New Delhi, according to a news source received from Reader Wall.

Tribal Delegation to the Minister’s Residence

A comprehensive delegation of 663 tribal students and educators, representative of 31 states and Union Territories, attended as distinctive guests. Following the awe-inspiring Republic Day parade, the minister invited these students to his residence to discuss their particular experiences of the day.

Personal Perspectives from Diverse Regions

Mohammed Adil, a student from Kashmir, described the experience of observing the grandeur of the parade floats and the courage of the military forces as transformative. He proclaims this episode provided him the “newfound confidence” to reach a position where the people who underestimated him will become his advocates.

Meanwhile, Anwar Rafique from Ladakh, ecstatically recounted visiting significant attractions like the Humayun’s Tomb, which he’d previously only had access to via textbooks. This journey signaled his first exploration beyond his district and his state, pushing his boundaries and inspiring ambition.

V Karthika of Telangana credited her inspiration to dream of a future career in medicine to her experience of seeing Droupadi Murmu, a tribal woman, in the role of the President of India. She believes that such achievements give her courage to aspire despite the lack of healthcare professionals in her district.

Adding to the excitement, BV Lakshmi from Karnataka expressed delight in witnessing the Republic Day parade amidst the cold winter, a novel experience for the minister’s guest from warmer climes.

Encouragement from Union Minister Munda

The Minister seized this opportunity to inspire these students and teachers, emphasizing their crucial part in the journey towards a developed India. In his words, “The Human Development Index of India is not good but only when you (students) move forward will the society move forward and in turn, we will truly become Viksit Bharat”.

Beneficiaries of the Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme

In total, there were 258 female students, and 331 boys participated as special guests, inclusive of the 74 teachers. All were beneficiaries of the Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme administered by the tribal affairs ministry.

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