Meghalaya Police Investigate HNLC Extortion, GNLA Threats Amid Political Tensions

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Meghalaya Police Make Moves Against Cyber Extortion: An Exclusive Report

Meghalaya Authorities Act on Cyber Extortion Cases

In an effort to safeguard the internet environment in Meghalaya, the Meghalaya Police Department recently launched a cybercrime investigation focused on alleged extortion activities perpetuated through WhatsApp. This development follows reports of alleged extortion notes circulating within local communities. All these information were obtained exclusively from our sources.

Public Cooperation in Focus

Talking about the new development, the Director General of Police in Meghalaya, LR Bishnoi, took the opportunity to encourage members of the public to assist the police in this focus. He called on everyone within the community to report any behavior or activities that could potentially be linked to cyber extortion.

Ramifications Beyond Cybercrime

On a broader scale, the authorities are also dealing with the specter of a re-emergent Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA). This concern has led to the enlistment of a senior police official to undertake an extensive investigation within the Garo Hills. The officer’s primary objective is to evaluate the current situation, open lines of communication with the locals, and ultimately gain first-hand insight into the matter.

Deputy Chief Minister Stresses on Readiness

The state’s deputy chief minister has clarified the government’s position on the potential resurgence of the GNLA. Emphasizing the state authorities’ readiness, he assured residents that any efforts to re-establish this organization would be swiftly countered.

Tensions Surround Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council

This exclusive report of ours also sheds light on the recent tensions surrounding the Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) following its decision to withdraw from peace talks initiated by the government. Their grievances, reportedly over unfulfilled demands, have contributed to the emerging tension.

Political Undercurrents

The current events are also being seen within the larger political context, with concerns about the possible influences on the future Lok Sabha elections. The Meghalaya Congress stated warnings about a potential sway in favour of the BJP. Although no concrete allegations have been made, the undercurrents of anxiety can be felt as the state moves closer to the elections.


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