Meet Craftsman Kaone Selema, a person who has mastered the art of turning trash into treasure.

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In the heartland of Bobonong, a young man named Kaone Selema is revolutionizing waste management by turning garbage into valuable creations through his remarkable craftsmanship. Selema has become well-known for his exceptional talent to upcycle discarded materials, transforming them into functional works of art.

From Childhood Passions to Professional Pursuits

Selema’s creative journey began during his early years. His first project was a homemade torch that he ingeniously assembled using an old Nokia phone battery, an empty hair relaxer bottle, and powered by a 5v DC adapter. This early fascination with repurposing items evolved into a lifelong passion, influenced by other artists and, notably, his father.

A Legacy of Artistry

Selema’s father was a skilled craftsman renowned for his intricate metal works, such as trailers and donkey carts. Witnessing his father’s dedication to his craft inspired Selema to forge his own path in the creative industry. He established Raluhkwoods, a venture that has received widespread recognition for its innovative sustainable approach to artistry.

Art, Education, and Empowerment

Although Selema’s entrepreneurial endeavors are deeply rooted in the arts, he also balances his creative pursuits with his role as a guest service agent at the Hilton Garden Inn and his studies in occupational health and safety. As a self-sponsoring third-year student, Selema exemplifies perseverance and ambition.

2024 Elections: A Call for Civic Participation

As several African nations, including South Africa, Mozambique, Rwanda, Ghana, and Botswana, prepare for their upcoming national elections, individuals like Selema are encouraged to actively participate in the democratic process. Botswana, in particular, is expecting its national polls in October 2024, adhering to its longstanding electoral tradition. This year, citizens are urged to set personal and professional goals that involve engaging in the electoral process and contributing to the country’s democratic landscape.