Maxwell Justice Kpekpo Joins Ohio African Community Excellence Awards Board, Amplifying African Voices in the USA

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Maxwell Justice Kpekpo Appointed to the Board of OACE Awards USA

In recent news from our reliable sources, it has been disclosed that Kpekpo Maxwell Justice, widely known as the distinguished host of ‘On A More Serious Note’ and ‘Prime Morning’ on Joy Prime, has landed a significant role as a board member for the highly esteemed Ohio African Community Excellence (OACE) Awards USA.

Award Scheme Highlighting African Excellence

The OACE Awards USA, a distinguished award program, is dedicated to openly appreciating and recognizing outstanding contributions demonstrated by various entities – individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations – within the active and vibrant African communities in the state of Ohio.

Profile of the New Member – Maxwell Justice Kpekpo

Kpekpo, an important figure in the media landscape, is esteemed for his vast experience, remarkable leadership fortitude, and impressive skills. These attributes make him a strong addition to the board, where it is believed he will provide invaluable insights and direction.

Impressions from the Office

The Chair of the Board, along with the enthusiastic organizers of the OACE Awards, have shared their excitement over Kpekpo’s appointment. They have highlighted his inexhaustible passion, unwavering commitment, and strong advocacy for spreading the vision of excellence within the diverse African community.

Kpekpo’s Response to His Appointment

In response to his appointment, Kpekpo expressed his own excitement and anticipation at the prospect of collaborating with the esteemed OACE Awards USA board. His chief intention is to bolster the objectives of these awards, with the aim to expand their impact and outreach significantly.

What’s Ahead with Kpekpo’s Appointment

This new development is expected to lend direction and vigor to the continued mission of the OACE Awards USA. With the infusion of Kpekpo’s expertise into the board, an exciting and impactful era is certainly on the horizon for the OACE Awards and the African Community in Ohio.


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