Mass Exodus Hits BRS: MPs, MLA Defect to Congress and BJP in Telangana Shift

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Political Defections Rock Bharat Rashtra Samithi

The political landscape in Telangana bears witness to a significant shift as key members from the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) file their resignation only to join the dominant force in the state, the Congress party.

Members of Parliament Make the Leap

The latest news from our source reveals a major loss for BRS as two of their Members of Parliament (MPs), Pasunuri Dayakar from Warangal and G Ranjith Reddy from Chevella, switch sides to make a new home in the Congress camp. This marks a considerable blow to BRS, lessening their strength and influence within these constituencies.

From Legislative Hallways to New Alliances

The wave of this significant shift breached the Legislative Assembly as well, as D Nagender from Khairatabad tendered his resignation to join the Congress party. These recent desertions are not the first for the BRS. Earlier, the party faced a similar setback as three of their Members of Parliament packed their political bags. This trio comprised Venkatesh Netha, who joined Congress, and Pothuganti Ramulu plus B B Patil, who found ally in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Reasons Behind the Defections

The defectors have voiced a variety of reasons for moving away from BRS, which once held the power seat in Telangana for ten years, only to give way to Congress. Among these justifications range from personal motives to an overall dissatisfaction with the current political scenario.

Trend of BRS Legislators Jumping Ship

Our sources unveil another potential storm brewing for BRS as several of its legislators show an interest in joining the Congress. This possible future exodus could lead to a further decline in BRS’s legislative strength, diluting its standing as a major political player.

Congress Flourishes as BRS Loses

The political shuffle seems to be playing in favor of the Congress party. It is now attracting new members, many of whom are prominent figures from BRS who have held significant positions within the state. This change is indicative of Congress’s intensifying strength in Telangana politics.


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