Maratha advocate vows to escalate demonstration

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Maratha Quota Activist Threatens to March Towards Mumbai

A supporter of quota for the Maratha community, Manoj Jarange Patil, announced to march towards Mumbai if the existing government does not meet their demands by Saturday. This news comes from the source of Reader Wall. Patil has also started a hunger strike in Vashi, Navi Mumbai to spotlight his cause.

Ajit Pawar Shows Support

Ajit Pawar, the deputy Chief Minister, publicly voiced his support for the Maratha’s reservation requests in government jobs and education. He also said that Chief Minister Eknath Shinde is making attempts to solve this issue by initiating discussions.

Demands of the Maratha Community

Members of the Maratha community are pressuring the government to approve their request for reservations in both the job sector and education under the OBC category. Manoj Jarange Patil’s supporters are also seeking Kunbi certificates for all Marathas since the certificate holder community enjoys benefits under the OBC category. Their demands extend to free education from kindergarten to post-graduation for all community members and reservation of seats for Marathas during government job recruitments. They are also demanding for the withdrawal of all criminal charges filed during the protests demanding reservation rights.

Action If Demands Are Not Met

Patil has announced his readiness to march towards Azad Maidan, Mumbai if his demands are not met. He however emphasized his respect for the law mentioning how they were there to seek justice rather than to cause trouble. Patil added that in case the drafted ordinance is not received by 11 am on Saturday, they will head to Azad Maidan.

Government’s Response

In a response to the agitation, a statement was issued from the office of the Chief Minister. The statement included information that Shinde had chaired some meetings to discuss the demands and had already dispatched a delegation with the drafted ordinance for the protesting activist.

Furthermore, Education Minister Deepak Kesarkar also confirmed that the demands of Jarange had been accepted and would be fulfilled according to the government procedures.

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