Malaysia’s MOE to Launch Free Preschools in All Institutions, Aiming to Curb Dropouts

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Reader Wall News: MOE’s Move to Broaden Preschool Education

Education Ministry Expands Preschool Education Access in Public Institutions

In an effort to strengthen the foundation of educational development among young learners, the Ministry of Education (MOE) from our reputed sources, is taking substantial strides towards expanding preschool education within its departments. This promising measure is envisaged to foster early intervention in children’s education and significantly reduce the rate of school dropouts in the formative years.

Free Preschool Education: A Major Incentive

As part of this progressive initiative, MOE plans on providing free preschool education. This arrangement is anticipated to serve as a major attraction for parents, potentially swaying them to opt for preschools under MOE’s aegis.

Nationwide Implementation Across All MOE Institutions

This comprehensive expansion is slated for mandatory implementation across all MOE-linked institutions. This would encompass all the 27 Institutes of Teacher Education (IPGs), thereby ensuring that access to preschool education is not hampered by geographical constraints. By so doing, the MOE hopes to bring preschool education within everyone’s reach.

Addition of New Preschool Classes

As a testament to MOE’s dedication towards this cause, as many as 129 new preschool classes have been rolled out this year alone. This expansion takes the total tally to an impressive number of 9,909 preschool classes offered across the country. It is envisaged that this will provide more children with the chance to derive value from education from an early age.

The Successful Conduct of PERMATA Youth Entrepreneurship Carnival

In a related development, another initiative that attracted significant attention was the PERMATA Youth Entrepreneurship Carnival. This event witnessed the participation of 250 promising individuals. It was held at the Sri Pantai People’s Housing Project (PPR), ensuring its accessibility to the broader public.


By broadening the scope of preschool education and ensuring its wide accessibility, the MOE is undoubtedly paving the way for better academic and social outcomes for the nation’s future generation. Our sources reaffirm that inclusive initiatives like this will play a key role in shaping a brighter and more prosperous future for our society.

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