lululemon Launches Women-First Ultramarathon Gear, Aiming to Break Records and Barriers

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New Athletic Products Launch by Lululemon

Lululemon Launches Female-Empowerment Initiative: FURTHER

In a recent statement from our source, it was announced that Lululemon had embarked on a new venture, the FURTHER initiative. This ground-breaking move is aimed at empowering female athletes through the provision of cutting-edge, women-centric athletic gear and resources.

FURTHER Initiative: A New Area of Empowerment

The FURTHER project, which the company launched, is a big leap forward in the efforts to diminish the gender gap that still persists in the world of athletics. By investing heavily in research and product development crafted precisely for women, Lululemon hopes to help women in achieving their full potential in athletics.

Unique Offerings: Ultramarathon Gear and More

At the core of the FURTHER initiative are specially crafted beyondfeel running shoes and an array of 36 new products. These items, expected to be available starting March 6, were created to cater uniquely to female athletes. In the creation of these products, Lululemon collaborated with 10 female athletes to ensure they designed products which accurately serve the needs of women participating in a multi-day ultramarathon.

A Greater Cause: Partnering with Girls Opportunity Alliance

Yet, Lululemon’s efforts extend beyond product development. In a bid to champion adolescent girls’ education and wellbeing across the globe, Lululemon is donating $1.5 million USD towards the Girls Opportunity Alliance.

Striving for More

  • Setting new highs in women’s ultrarunning
  • Creating products to enhance performance and wellbeing
  • Using research insights to craft women-first innovations

For Lululemon, the FURTHER initiative is part of its overall mission of promoting performance and wellbeing. Armed with insights from research, Lululemon plans to continue developing innovative solutions that are women-first in strategy and aim to set new records in women’s ultrarunning.


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