Luis Rubiales’ 3-year FIFA prohibition appeal denied following Spain athlete kiss at Women’s World Cup culmination

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Former Spanish Soccer Official Luis Rubiales Loses Appeal Against Misconduct Ban

Rubiales Receives Three-Year Ban From FIFA

Here at Reader Wall, it’s been confirmed that Luis Rubiales, a controversial Spanish soccer figurehead, has been unsuccessful in his appeal against a three-year ban. This ban was originally imposed due to questionable behavior during the Women’s World Cup final. The most contentious issue was Rubiales forcing a kiss on the Spanish star player Jenni Hermoso. The judgement was made final by FIFA, the world football governing body.

Details of Rubiales’ Misconduct Provided by FIFA

FIFA’s disciplinary panel disclosed in their October veridict that Rubiales behaved inappropriately post the Women’s World Cup final. Spain had triumphed 1-0 against England, and during the trophy ceremony, Rubiales had kissed Hermoso. Additionally, while standing alongside Queen Letizia of Spain, he made a distasteful victory gesture. FIFA made it clear in their official statement that it is committed to maintaining the highest standards of conduct and safeguarding the integrity of all involved individuals.

Rubiales Resigns from Key Footballing Positions

Rubiales held esteemed positions before the incident, such as the President of the Spanish soccer federation and a UEFA Vice President. However, since the event in Sydney, Australia, Rubiales showed a primarily unapologetic attitude, which eventually led to his resignation in September.

Rubiales to Stand Trial on Charges of Sexual Assault and Coercion

In an unfortunate development this week, an investigative judge from Madrid declared that Rubiales will stand trial for allegations of sexual assault and coercion. These charges came as a result of his actions against Hermoso, which he staunchly denies. In another interesting development, the judge has also mandated that Jorge Vilda, Spain’s former coach, along with two federation officials, will face trial. They are accused of creating pressure on Hermoso to take a defensive stance for Rubiales.


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