Luca de la Torre Eyes Bigger Role in USMNT Amid Impressive Season with Celta Vigo

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Midfielder Luca de La Torre Eager for Increased Involvement in USMNT Amidst Solid Celta Vigo Season

Fulfilling his professional responsibilities at Celta Vigo and the United States Men’s National Team (USMNT), 25-year-old midfielder Luca de la Torre has expressed his readiness to take on more responsibilities for the national team. Drawing upon his stellar performance this season and in the light of upcoming Concacaf Nations League finals and Copa América, De la Torre shares his ambition for increased involvement in USMNT.

De la Torre’s Role at Celta Vigo

During the current season, De la Torre has made 29 appearances for Celta Vigo, contributing three goals and five assists. As the competition heightens, De la Torre is already prepared to prove his worth in the upcoming fixtures against formidable opponents such as Real Madrid. His contribution to Celta Vigo’s midfield demonstrates his dedication and preparedness to raise the bar.

De la Torre and the USMNT

Despite stiff competition in the USMNT midfield, De la Torre has succeeded in making an impression this season, earning four caps for his country. His intent to engage more significantly in national team duties is evident. He recalls his personal growth since the 2022 Qatar World Cup, signifying his increased comfort and experience at the international level.

De la Torre’s Views on USMNT Coach Gregg Berhalter

De la Torre commends USMNT coach Gregg Berhalter for his approachability, acknowledging the coach’s role in his own progression. De la Torre has made it clear that he aims to exploit every opportunity to prove his worthiness to the national team and express his gratitude towards Berhalter.

De la Torre’s Professional Relationship with Celta’s Manager, Rafa Benitez

  • Similarly, as he talks about his performance at the club level, De la Torre does not forget to mention his working relationship with Rafa Benitez, the manager of Celta.
  • He draws attention to his focus on enhancing his tactical presence and creating more goal-scoring opportunities under Benitez’s guidance.

Overall, it is evident that De la Torre is enthusiastic about his role in both the national team and Celta Vigo, and is ready to seize the opportunities to prove his potential.