Longford GAA 2023 Teams of Championship Revealed: A Historic Selection

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Longford GAA Announces 2023 Championship Teams, Including New Ladies Football Team

Our sources have revealed an exciting update for the Longford GAA sports community. The upcoming print edition of the Leader will feature the Longford All Stars Awards for 2023, along with the championship teams. However, this year stands out as, for the first time, a separate Ladies Football Team of the Championship will be unveiled, bringing gender equity into the spotlight.

A Record Number of Nominations

The level of community involvement and passion for sport became apparent as a record number of nominations were received for this year’s awards. The engagement underscores the vital role sport plays in bringing people together and fostering a sense of community spirit.

Categories Covering Men’s and Ladies’ Football and Hurling

The Longford All Stars Awards of 2023 will span across various categories. Both men’s and ladies’ football and hurling teams will be recognized, thereby affirming the equal importance of females in local sports. It’s a great leap forward in sports recognition, giving deserved credit to both men and women athletes.

Special Awards Dinner

The Longford GAA and our own Leader Newspaper will host a special awards dinner to honor the finalists and winners. This event, which is a key social occasion locally, aids in raising substantial funds for charity. Ever since its establishment in 2006 by Senator Michael Carrigy, the dinner has been a focal point for community gatherings while also serving a noble cause.

Details of The Event

  • The awards dinner is scheduled for March 16th.
  • The venue will be the revered Arms Hotel.
  • Tickets are reasonably priced at €35.

In summary, the announcement of the 2023 Longford GAA Championship teams reflects the significant steps taken by the GAA in recognizing talents and promoting inclusivity, especially with the newly introduced Ladies’ Football Team. The upcoming special awards dinner is sure to be an exhilarating community event that celebrates sporting achievement while also contributing to a charitable cause.


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