Local Archers Triumph at Historic 2024 Ontario Winter Games in Thunder Bay

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Northwestern Zone Archers Triumph at 2024 Ontario Winter Games

In an inaugural event of its kind, local archers from the Northwestern zone, specifically spanning areas from Thessalon to the province’s western border, showcased tremendous skill and grit at the 2024 Ontario Winter Games held in Thunder Bay. According to sources from our team, the first-ever inclusion of archery at the winter games turned out to be an impressive platform for archers of our region.

A Diverse Team of Young Archers

The Northwestern archery team, comprising of 21 diverse individuals out of the 48 participants present, included athletes aged 12 to 19. They exhibited various levels of skills and grasp, ranging from persons who had only been in practice for less than six months, to those who had been veterans in the field for over seven to ten years.

Overcoming Adversities and Scoring Success

The team showcased noteworthy determination, as highlighted by Coach Lana Perry. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic posing several challenges, causing disruptions in practice sessions and missed chances for preliminary competitions, they secured an impressive total of 17 medals. The medal tally included three golden accolades in both individual and match play events, augmented by a number of silver and bronze medals spread across numerous categories.

More Than Just a Competition

However, the event was not just about competition. It offered an ideal platform for enhancing team spirit among the participants. Team-building activities such as five-pin bowling and engaging in Virtual Reality games were a big hit among the athletes.

Looking Forward to Future Events

Following their admirable success at the Winter Games, the Northwestern zone team is now shifting their focus towards upcoming sporting events. They are priming themselves for the Ontario High School championships and the Ontario Junior Challenge. Notably, the Ontario Junior Challenge is set to be hosted in Sault Ste. Marie for the first time.

The triumph of the Northwestern zone team and their journey is symbolic of their resilience and comradeship. We look forward to bringing you more updates from the world of archery in the future.

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