Lina Souloukou Astonished by Sudden Mourinho Removal in Rome

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Roma’s American Owners Dismisses Coach Jose Mourinho

The American proprietors of Roma, the Friedkins, have unexpectedly cut off ties with their coach, Jose Mourinho. This abrupt end has caused shock and made the team uneasy. News about Mourinho’s leave was conveyed through an official statement from the team, catching everyone, including Roma’s chief executive, Lina Souloukou, off-guard.

Sudden End to Mourinho’s Contract

Mourinho was dismissed after Roma’s 3-1 defeat against AC Milan, which left the team ninth in Serie A. Although his contract was set to end in June, the Friedkins decided to take action now. Mourinho’s termination was surprising. In his first season, he led Roma to win the UEFA Conference League title and took them to the finals of the Europa League last season.

Confusion and Discontent Spread in Roma

The sudden decision has left Souloukou feeling shocked and frustrated. She was not consulted about this decision by the Friedkins. This has led to rumors concerning Souloukou’s future with Roma. Several high-profile Saudi Pro League clubs have previously offered positions to Souloukou, but she refused these out of loyalty to Roma. However, these clubs have not lost interest.

Exclusion of Sporting Director from the Decision

The Friedkins did not include Sporting Director Tiago Pinto in the decision-making process about Mourinho. With all the upheaval, the club has named legendary player Daniele De Rossi as the interim manager for the rest of the season. Amid this chaos, the team must now focus on the challenge of making it into the Champions League.

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