LFA Launches U-12 Grassroots Football League to Foster Young Talent Nationwide

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LFA Initiates 3rd Edition of National Grassroots U-12 League

According to our local resources, The Liberia Football Association (LFA) has commenced the third edition of the national grassroots U-12 league. The inauguration took place on February 10th and was set off with an opening event in the PHP Community at the Blue Field, which is part of the Central Monrovia Sub-Committee.

The LFA President’s Role

Sekou W. Konneh, the current acting president of the LFA, graced the event with his presence. He had the honor of officially declaring the league open. Konneh also stressed the significance of the league, reinforcing its role as a fundamental component in the development of grassroots football in Liberia. It was generated with the intention to nurture young talent and inspire interest in football from an early age.

Expansion Plans for the League

After the initial take-off in Central Monrovia, the league has plans of broadening its horizons. Our sources confirm that the next step will be to include the ELWA and Gardnerville Sub-committees situated within Montserrado. An ambitious expansion is envisaged across seven more counties. These additions include Margibi, Bong, Nimba, Grand Gedeh, Sinoe, and Gbarpolu.

Commitment to Nationwide Football Promotion

This venture underlines the LFA’s commitment to promoting football all across the nation. The decision to extend the league beyond the capital city exemplifies this dedication. As confirmed by our correspondents, the LFA sees the U-12 grassroots league as a significant stepping stone for the evolution of football in Liberia, and they plan to keep pushing the boundaries.

  • The LFA President, Sekou W. Konneh, inaugurated the event and emphasized the role of the U-12 league in fostering young talent.
  • Plans to expand the league to include ELWA and Gardnerville Sub-committees, along with seven additional counties, have been finalized.
  • The initiative underlines LFA’s commitment to promoting football all across the nation.
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