Las Vegas Man Accused of Targeting Nevada Governor Lombardo’s Family Over Murder Allegations

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Investigation Launched Against Stanley Weaver III: Accused of Threatening Nevada Governor’s Family

In a shocking revelation, our sources report a case involving Stanley Weaver III, a 28-year-old accused of threatening the family of Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo and causing property damage. Allegedly, Weaver leveled murder accusations against Governor Lombardo in an incident traced back to March 3.

Overview of the Incident and Related Charges

Stanley Weaver III seems to have landed in legal hot water by failing to appear for his initial court hearing on March 7. The charges against Weaver are severe, including allegations of aggravated stalking, stalking, property destruction, and trespass. The origins of these accusations are rooted in an incident wherein the Las Vegas Metro police responded to reports of Weaver banging on a door and launching verbal allegations at the governor.

Accusations Supported by Social Media Behavior

Apart from the incident, a concerning pattern in Weaver’s online behavior has been spotted by the authorities. A video on social media prompted further investigation, showing Weaver throwing a rock at a nearby residence thought to be linked to a member of the governor’s family. Additional worrying conduct included attempts to contact friends of the Governor’s family and multiple posts alleging the Governor’s involvement in a murder.

Background Reveals Previous Run-ins with the Law

Investigations into Weaver’s past revealed a history of mental health issues and an incident involving attempted arson. He was previously held for a mental health assessment after he attempted to set an apartment alight. His actions and history have stoked fears both within his own family and the Governor’s, raising concerns about their safety.

Next Steps in the Investigation

  • The Nevada State Police had plans to discuss Weaver’s allegations against Governor Lombardo, but these plans took a backseat following news of the March 3 incident. Currently, efforts are being directed towards dealing with the immediate threat Weaver poses to public safety, while also investigating the validity of his sensationalized claims.
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