Labour Party’s Peter Obi Awards Scholarship to Honorable Kano Tricycle Rider for Integrity

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Integrity Recognized: Scholarship Awarded to Honest Tricycle Rider by Labour Party Presidential Candidate

Extraordinary Honesty Rewarded With Educational Opportunity

Our source reports the incredible story of Auwalu Salisu, a noble-minded tricycle rider from Kano, who achieved recognition after he discovered and returned a significant amount of N15m mistakenly left behind by a passenger. The passenger, a Chadian citizen, also left some CFA currency along with N15m in the tricycle. This remarkable gesture of honesty did not go unnoticed – it caught the attention of political figures, making Salisu a celebrated figure for his integrity.

Scholarship Offered by Labour Party Candidate

In acknowledgment of Salisu’s boundless honesty, Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, along with his vice-presidential candidate Baba-Ahmed Datti, has announced a life-changing offer. They have granted Salisu a full scholarship at well-known Baze University. This scholarship, covering all of Salisu’s educational costs at the university, was declared at the popular LEADERSHIP awards and Conference held in Abuja.

Obi Advocates for Investment in Northern Nigeria

While receiving his ‘Politician of the Year’ award at the conference, Obi seized the opportunity to address some critical social and economic issues. A significant portion of his acceptance speech was devoted to advocating for increased investment in Northern Nigeria. Obi stressed the area’s under-tapped potential, particularly in the agricultural sector, stating that if properly harnessed and cultivated, it could contribute significantly to improving Nigeria’s economy.

Tackling Poverty and Crime with Economic Development

Furthermore, Obi asserted that this economic growth could also play a crucial role in curbing rampant poverty and crime in the region, particularly among its young population. By creating job opportunities and improving living conditions, the increasing rate of crime can be effectively reduced, securing a brighter future for the youth of the region.

Through his actions, Obi has indicated a strong commitment to social justice and economic growth in Nigeria. He has set an exemplary precedent by applauding and rewarding honesty, while also highlighting the importance of investing in the country’s potential for development.


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