Kisii Governor Arati Asserts Strong Stance on Security

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In a strong affirmation of personal and public safety, Simba Arati, the Governor of Kisii, has made it clear that he will not tolerate any threats to himself or the citizens under his governance. In an interview, Arati stated that he will not stand idly by or remain passive when faced with potential danger. He also emphasized that he will not allow any chaos or disruption of peace to reoccur in the Kisii region, hinting at measures to safeguard himself and the people he represents. This shows his determination to enhance security and stability in the area, advocating for accountability and decisive action against anything that may jeopardize peace.

Security Concerns in Kisii

Supporters of Kisii Governor Simba Arati are currently protesting against Silvanus Osoro, Member of Parliament for South Mugirango, due to what they perceive as disrespect towards the governor. The protests are being led by Arati’s allied councillors, resulting in clashes between the two leaders. The recent shooting incident during a meeting of the governor in South Mugirango constituency has garnered attention across Kenya, as four civilians were injured.

Combating Lawlessness

Arati is now calling on the police to apprehend and prosecute those he deems as criminals responsible for the gunfire. Currently, the police are confronting the youth at the Nyamache junction, located on the main Kisii-Kilgoris road. This action by the governor emphasizes the importance of upholding the rule of law and ensuring public safety in Kisii. Despite the existing conflict between the two leaders, the underlying issue of security remains a significant concern for both the public and the governor.

Resolving the Chaos

The governor’s firm stance on security clearly demonstrates his dedication to maintaining peace and stability in the region. By advocating for the arrest and prosecution of those responsible for the shooting, Arati is demanding accountability and justice. His statement underscores the need for proactive measures to enhance security and prevent any form of chaos or violence in Kisii.