Kingsport School Board Election Shifts: Incumbent Falls Short, Newcomers Advance

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The Reader Wall News: Kingsport School Board Republican Primary Results

Republican Primary Winners and Losers in Kingsport School Board Elections

Recent results from a closely contested Kingsport School Board Republican primary in Blountville, Tennessee, saw one incumbent narrowly defeated. In contrast, another incumbent and two new faces emerged triumphant, securing their candidacies for the general election due in August informing our sources.

A Look at the Candidates

There were three available seats attracting four competitive candidates in the election as per the Kingsport Board of Education.

Primary Results

  • Phillip Marshall, a newcomer, topped the field with 2,942 votes.
  • Todd Golden, the incumbent, secured second place with 2,555 votes.
  • Newcomer Jamie Jackson followed close behind garnering 2,493 votes.
  • Incumbent Julie Byers received 2,445 votes, narrowly missing the threshold by a mere 48 votes behind Jackson.

Looking Forward to the General Election

As there were no Democrats or independents who qualified for the election, Marshall, Golden, and Jackson will not face any opposition in the general election. However, the likelihood of write-in candidates cannot be entirely ruled out.

Historical Election Shifts

The selection has unprecedentedly marked the Kingsport School Board elections as partisan for the first time. A recently passed state legislature permitting county political parties to hold primaries for school board candidates has proffered this change.

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