Kieran Culkin and Pedro Pascal Share a Playful Moment at the SAG Awards 2024 Afterparty

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Kieran Culkin Responds to Pedro Pascal’s ‘Make Out’ Proposal at SAG Awards 2024 Afterparty

41-year-old actor Kieran Culkin, acclaimed for his significant role in ‘Succession’, reacted hilariously to his fellow actor Pedro Pascal’s unusual proposal backstage at the SAG Awards 2024 afterparty. This captivating offbeat interaction resulted from Pascal’s playful suggestion earlier that night about the both of them ‘making out’. This intriguing story was exclusively reported by our internal sources from the event.

Behind the Scene Light-hearted Exchange

The jovial banter unfolded away from the public’s gaze, right after the prestigious award ceremony. It was triggered by Pascal’s comment during an earlier interview with Tan France that had begin just like any other. As the evening progressed, the 48-year-old Pascal, globally celebrated for his remarkable performance in ‘The Last of Us’, humorously expressed his enthusiastic longing to ‘make out’ with Culkin. The exchange, though humorous in spirit, certainly did not go unnoticed, garnering a lot of attention and added a spark of amusement to the otherwise formal proceedings of the event.

Recognition for Pedro Pascal’s Stellar Performance

Pascal also left an impression in another notable way – he picked up the award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor. The award ceremony, which was already an exhilarating evening filled with glamour and recognition of stellar performances, became even more memorable due to this offbeat exchange.

Culkin’s Hillarious Reaction

In response to Pascal’s playful suggestion, Culkin was quick to react and his response was just as lighthearted, leading to a lot of laughter among those privileged enough to witness the exchange. This hilarious suggestion and response rolled into a candid moment of camaraderie between two of Hollywood’s finest actors.

The exact details of their conversation remain exclusive to our in-house sources. Stay tuned for more exclusive updates and news stories directly from the heart of most prestigious and glittering events in Hollywood.

Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin

  • Pedro Pascal, acclaimed worldwide for his pivotal role in ‘The Last of Us’, is a 48-year-old actor who managed to steal the limelight during the evening events.
  • Kieran Culkin, a 41-year-old actor familiar to audiences for his role in ‘Succession’, played along with this amusing idea, adding to the overall jovial mood of the evening.
  • Their little offbeat interaction left everyone present chuckling, adding to the glow and charm of the prestigious event.

The SAG Awards 2024 afterparty was not just a celebration of talent and performance, but also a festival of light-hearted banter, humorous suggestions and laughter, thanks in no small part to Pedro Pascal’s and Kieran Culkin’s playful exchange.


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