Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan receives Z+ protection shield

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Kerala Governor Receives Z-Plus Category Security from Home Ministry

The Governor of Kerala, Arif Mohammad Khan, has been granted a Z-plus security category by the Union Home Ministry. This decision was made just two hours following a situation in which he attempted to expose a supposed government-endorsed plot to endanger him. The information was revealed by unnamed sources familiar with the matter to our Reader Wall.

Security Detail Confirmed

Reports emanating from the Kerala Raj Bhavan verified the development, stating that the Union Home Ministry had conferred Z-plus security provision, manned by the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), to the Governor as well as the Raj Bhavan. However, the Raj Bhavan declined to provide further details about the situation.

Conflict Escalation

The escalation of the issue can be traced back to an incident earlier in the day involving Khan interacting with Students Federation of India (SFI) activists. Governor Khan had reportedly stepped out of his car to confront the students, who had brandished black flags at his motorcade. The sources obtained this information from our own reports on Reader Wall.

Allegations Against Vijayan

In an ensuing dispute, Governor Khan reprimanded the police officers present at the scene. Khan accused them of collusion with the students and enabling an attempt to ambush his vehicle. He further claimed that Vijayan, the Chief Minister, had restrained the police force to aid in what he referred to as an “attack”.

A Charge of Political Manipulation

In an additional allegation, Governor Khan contended that Vijayan was coordinating an effort to instigate him into taking “drastic action”. He claimed that the purpose of this was to provide a political shield to a government he posited to be ineffective and battling an economic crisis.

An Unusual Sit-In

Following these events, he chose to stage a sit-in protest, waiting for one hour at a local roadside store until the police presented him with a copy of the First Information Report (FIR). After receiving the report, his aide-de-camp sent an immediate email to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs secretary. As a result, the CRPF was ordered to provide protection for Khan and the Raj Bhavan. Despite the circumstances, the Governor did not identify his sit-in as an “anti-government protest”, preferring to describe it as a “wait”.

Public Debate Ensues

  • The unusual series of events sparked a wave of public discourse, with citizens expressing their views both supporting and criticising the actions of the Governor and the government.
  • Many concerned citizens took to various platforms to express their anxieties and opinions following the announcement and subsequent developments.

In conclusion, the governor’s sequence of events has certainly stirred up political tensions, leading to a lively debate across the nation. As the situation continues to unfold, we will be sure to keep you updated with fresh news from our trusted sources at Reader Wall.


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