Justice on the Highway: The Tragic End of Travon Mackie and the Arrest of Calvin Woods

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Shooting Incident on Interstate 94 Claims One Life

According to our sources, a devastating shooting incident took place on Interstate 94 in August 2023, resulting in the untimely death of Travon Mackie, a resident of the area.

Matteson Resident Faces Murder Charges

In connection with the fatal shooting, Calvin Woods, a resident of Matteson, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder. The case has stirred up the local community, casting a wave of disbelief across residents.

Detailed Account of the Incident

The series of unfortunate events unfolded around 7:30 p.m. on August 28. Illinois State Police received a call about a multi-vehicle accident near Dolton Road on the Interstate. Rushing to the scene, the officers uncovered a catastrophic crash.

On the scene, officers discovered two vehicles: an abandoned Audi A4 and a Toyota Camry, both crashed against a concrete median. The driver of the Camry, later identified as Travon Mackie, had suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

The Victim and Emergency Response

Mackie was instantly rushed to a nearby hospital. Despite the doctors’ best efforts, Mackie succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead, leaving behind a grief-stricken family and a community reeling from shock.

Culprit Identified and Apprehended

After an intensive investigation led by the Illinois State Police, Calvin Woods was identified as a suspect. It was established that Woods was present in the Audi A4 found at the scene. He was apprehended without any further incidence on a Thursday following the incident.

Next Steps in the Investigation

  • The Illinois State Police are continuing their investigations into the details of the incident.
  • Calvin Woods has been held in custody, and preparations for a trial are underway to ensure justice is served.

This tragic incident serves as a reminder of the urgency of efforts to curb gun violence in our communities. We hope that justice will be swiftly served for Travon Mackie, his family, and all affected by this grievous incident.


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