Julian Jackson Wins Duff Cooper Prize for Insightful ‘France on Trial’, Unveils Post-War Moral Dilemmas

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Julian Jackson’s Victory at Prestigious Book Award

A Celebrated Evening with Julian Jackson’s £5,000 Book Prize Win

Julain Jackson, an acclaimed writer, recently emerged victorious with a £5,000 windfall in a prestigious award ceremony for his work titled ‘France on Trial’. The evening was marked by the presence of several distinguished individuals including Stuart Proffitt and Victoria Hislop. The night came alive with eloquent speeches and witty anecdotes that left all present in high spirits.

Stuart Proffitt’s Humorous Commendation Speech for Jackson

Stuart Proffitt, Jackson’s editor known for his sharp wit, graced the event with an amusing speech. He drew a comic comparison between Talleyrand, the renowned French statesman famous for his sharp political adaptability, and Michael Gove. Proffitt humorously mentioned the installation of a banister at The Travellers Club specially designed for Talleyrand, drawing chuckles from the audience.

Victoria Hislop Enthralls with 90’s Anecdote

Adding a touch of light humour to the sophisticated event, Victoria Hislop, another noted participant at the event, narrated an amusing incident from the 90’s. She recalled a surprise encounter with an almost-nude member of the Parliament on Clapham Common, taking the audience on a laughter ride through her storytelling.


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