Joyce Kozloff’s Reflection on US Hegemony Through Art at Kohler Arts Center

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Joyce Kozloff’s ‘How We Know What We Know’ Puts Social and Political Issues on Full Display

The John Michael Kohler Arts Center recently opened the newest installation of Joyce Kozloff, entitled ‘How We Know What We Know’, as part of its ‘Work in Progress’ series. This event marks the celebration of 50 years since the inception of the Arts and Industry program.

Groundbreaking Mixed Media Works by Kozloff

Joyce Kozloff’s masterpieces intricately intertwine with social and political themes. She deploys a unique visual language of maps and designs to delve into these subjects, illuminating them through a new lens. The exhibit’s centrepiece is a specifically designed mural named ‘D is for Detroit,’ a culmination of various works inspired by her Detroit residency.

Critical Examination of American Hegemony

Perhaps the highlight of the showing is her thought-provoking interactive sculpture, ‘Target.’ The art piece is a 9-foot-high inside-out globe, which illustrates 24 geographical sites that have been victims of US bombing. More than a visual spectacle, it provides an insightful critique of American hegemony, prompting viewers to reflect on their own understanding and role in these global occurrences.

Insight into America’s Sociopolitical Landscape

During the course of our exclusive coverage, we also delved into the evident polarization permeating present-day America. This notion was thoroughly examined, drawing upon firsthand observations to provide a comprehensive account of the current political climate. The introspection presented in the exhibit transcended the confines of the art pieces themselves and offered viewers an opportunity for thorough reflection on the state of their nation.

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Brilliantly insightful and thought-provoking, Joyce Kozloff’s ‘How We Know What We Know’ not only showcases one artist’s innovation and artistry but also provides a critical lens with which to scrutinize our world. Embodying the essence of the ‘Work in Progress’ series, the installation reminds us of the transformational potential of art as an agent of social change.

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