Josh Richards’ CrossCheck Studios Debuts ‘Read the Room’ Series: A New Era of Sketch Comedy

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Josh Richards: Extends Professional Reach Beyond TikTok

Emerging from the 2019 Sway House sensation on TikTok, Josh Richards has significantly evolved his professional career, displaying a propensity for business ventures beyond the social media limelight. In a strategic partnership with Chris Sawtelle, a former agent at ICM, Richards entered the entrepreneurial field in 2021 with the launch of CrossCheck Studios.

Strengthening Portfolio with Diverse Investments and Product Launches

CrossCheck Studios, under the stewardship of Richards, is not confining its operations to producing content. The new venture is equally focused on exploring diverse investments and product launches. Setting the studio apart is its commitment to present amplified and enhanced content offerings to its viewers.

CrossCheck Studios’ Premiere Project: ‘Read the Room’

The first project off the decks of CrossCheck Studios was a scripted parody and sketch comedy series titled ‘Read the Room’. Launched in February, the show has marked its presence not just on the YouTube platform, but also on major social media networks like TikTok and Instagram. The comedy series features a unique blend of songs and sketches, with guest appearances from popular celebrities like WWE’s Drew McIntyre and TikTok sensation LuvAnthony.

In a noteworthy move, CrossCheck Studios made the choice to independently finance, produce, and pioneer the show, deviating from an initial deal with Prime Video. This decision offers a peak into the CrossCheck Studios’ independent approach aimed at affording creative control.

Richards Aims to Blur Boundaries between Traditional and Social Content Evolution

In his new role, Richards aims to unify the gap between the world of traditional and social content creation. His vast understanding of the young, digital-native audience gives him a strong foundation to create content that is relatable and shareable.

With his content being heavily engaged within the social media landscape, Richards is keen on leveraging his command and understanding of this space to build bridges between different content genres, thus creating content that can touch chords with diverse audiences.


Josh Richards, once synonymous with TikTok fame during the Sway House era, has reinvented himself as a digital entrepreneur. With the co-founding of CrossCheck Studios, Richards is poised to leverage his understanding of digital-native audiences and bring a fresh take on content creation that resonates within the social media landscape.

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