Jessup University Enhances Sports Portfolio by Incorporating Men’s Volleyball to Athletic Program

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Jessup University, a modest institution nestled in the city of Rocklin, has taken a significant leap forward in its athletic program with the addition of men’s volleyball. This newly introduced sport places the university on par with larger, prestigious institutions like UCLA and USC, marking an important phase in the university’s sports trajectory.

Embracing a New Era in Athletics

The inclusion of men’s volleyball has been eagerly anticipated by Jessup University’s administration. Lance Van Vogt, the Vice President of Athletics, has expressed his enthusiasm for the potential this addition holds. He envisions it attracting a greater number of athletes and their supporters from across the nation to the university, thereby enhancing its reputation and influence.

A Faith-Based Search for Leadership

With this new chapter in the university’s sports history, the focus has turned toward the crucial task of recruiting a head coach for the men’s volleyball team. Jessup University, as a faith-based institution, is seeking a leader who not only possesses a profound understanding and passion for the sport but also aligns with the university’s guiding principles. The search for such a coach, capable of effectively launching the men’s volleyball program while upholding the university’s values, is currently underway.

Fostering Athletic Excellence and Values

The addition of men’s volleyball goes beyond expanding the university’s sports offerings. It represents a commitment to nurturing athletic excellence and shaping a generation of athletes who are not only successful in the game but also individuals of strong moral character. As Jessup University embarks on this new direction, its community eagerly awaits the beginning of a dynamic era in its sports history, defined by fierce competition, unwavering spirit, and steadfast faith.