Jeremy Lin’s Ankle Wound: A Hurdle for the Fresh Taipei Monarchs

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High-Profile Guard for New Taipei Kings Sidelined due to Injury

In an unexpected development, New Taipei Kings’ star guard, Jeremy Lin has been temporarily put out of play after incurring a foot injury. This news forms the latest obstacle before the Kings as they prepare for significant clashes in the P.LEAGUE+ and the East Asia Super League (EASL).

The Nature of Lin’s Injury

Jeremy Lin, previously established as a luminary in the NBA, is presently on medical rest due to an injury on his plantar fascia. This period of rest is predicted to last for four upcoming games of the Kings. The information came as a result of an intensive medical evaluation undergone by Lin. The player did not hesitate in announcing the news of his injury on Instagram, articulating his commitment towards a full recovery and his faith in divine orchestration. As a key component of the treatment plan, Lin has received plasma injections enriched with platelets.

The unavailability of Lin will exert its impact on the P.LEAGUE+ match opposite the Kaohsiung 17LIVE Steelers, two other seasonal matches leading up to the Lunar New Year and a game in the EASL against the Seoul SK Knights scheduled for January 31.

Facing Additional Challenges

To add to the burdens of the Kings, Byron Mullens, another key player is also nursing a foot injury. This event follows a testing period for Lin who has been part of only one out of four PLG matches played by the Kings in this month.

Upcoming Decisive Games for the Kings

This moment holds critical importance due to the Kings’ have significant upcoming matches. The performances in these games hold the key to securing the top seat in Group B of the EASL. This achievement would aid in avoiding a confrontation with the mighty Chibe Jets in the opening round of the EASL Final Four. As of now, the New Taipei Kings and the Formosa Dreamers are in close competition for the first position in the PLG.

In the absence of their celebrated player, the Kings team will need to reassemble and perform effectively to hold its place in the upcoming important matches. This period shall stand as a test of the team’s mettle as they make their way through these challenging times.


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