Jelly Roll’s Tour Life Enriched: Bussie the Bus Dawg Meets Steve-O

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Jelly Roll’s Life on Tour with His Pet Dog, Bussie the Bus Dawg

From the suburbs of Antioch, Tennessee, to the shining lights of the national stage, the journey of renowned artist Jelly Roll is nothing short of remarkable. A highlight of his journey is his unique traveling companion – his wife Bunnie Xo, and their endearing two-year-old Basset Hound, Bussie the Bus Dawg.

Bussie: A Constant Companion on Tours

Jelly Roll’s life on the road is not lonely, thanks to his loving family that includes Bussie. Bussie, starting to travel since he was just eight weeks old, has grown accustomed to the life on move and hence got his name – Bussie, a pet who has become synonymous with the tour bus.

When Bussie Met Steve-O

During a recent appearance on Steve-O’s Wild Ride, an interesting encounter unfolded. Bussie, known for his comforting presence, met former Jackass star Steve-O. The meeting went well beyond an ordinary pet introduction. It unveiled the profound bond between artists and their pets and shed light on the resilience of animals adapting to a tour life.

Contrasting Lives of Touring Pets

The meeting with Steve-O brought forward an interesting comparison of different lives led by pets on tour. While Bussie relishes the constant movement; Steve-O’s dog, Wendy, has encountered challenges, leading to a heart-wrenching decision for Steve-O to tour without his faithful companion.

The Intimate Bond of Musicians and Their Pets

This story, through the lives of Jelly Roll, Bussie, Steve-O, and Wendy, unfolds an intimate glimpse into the personal lives of artists and their pets. More than companions, these pets provide warmth, comfort, and a sense of familiarity, amidst the transient landscapes and in the throbbing heart of the public glare.

The Lessons from the Lifestyle of Touring Artists and Their Pets

  • The story demonstrates the ability of animals to adapt to different environments, as evidenced by Bussie’s seamless transition into tour life.
  • It underscores the challenges faced by artists in maintaining the well-being of their pets, as revealed by Steve-O’s struggles with Wendy.
  • The tale brings out the underlying bond between artists and their pets, which goes beyond companionship, offering a peek into the emotional core of these public figures.


While the concerts, tours, and performances form the visible aspects of an artist’s life, pets like Bussie and Wendy highlight the off-stage part. Their stories reiterate that despite the glamour and glory associated with tours, the pets and artists share a bond forged in mutual love and companionship, amplified by the unique demands of a life on the move.


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