Jeff Hinds Files Libel Lawsuit Against British Boxing Board of Control

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Renowned Boxing Referee, Jeff Hinds, Sues British Boxing Board of Control

Our reports confirm that the seasoned boxing adjudicator, Jeff Hinds, has embarked on a legal battle against the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC). The foundation of this lawsuit rests on an event that took place in 2019, which Hinds accuses BBBofC of mishandling, resulting in a severe impact on his reputation.

Contention Over Actions Deemed as Misconduct

Two years prior, Hinds found himself at the center of a misconduct case. However, despite being cleared of the misconduct allegations, a statement referencing him receiving “words of advice” was published on the BBBofC website. Hinds contests that this vague and misleading statement suggested an implication of guilt and has dealt a significant blow to his reputation and professional progression.

During a primary hearing at the High Court, presided by himself, Hinds emphasized that BBBofC’s actions had been deliberately damaging. However, the BBBofC maintains their stance, adamantly refuting the accusations and asserts that their published notice didn’t directly hint at guilt, arguing that the average reader wouldn’t infer guilt based on their statement.

The Court’s Decision and Simultaneous Legal Tussle

The impending determination of the High Court on whether or not the BBBofC’s statement can be considered defamatory greatly dictates the further course of Hinds’ lawsuit against BBBofC.

Parallel to this ongoing legal feud, Hinds also confronts BBBofC at an employment tribunal where he lodges complaints of discrimination, bullying, and harassment. This distinct legal dispute will officially begin proceedings in July.

BBBofC’s Dedication to Fair Treatment

Interestingly, an unrelated incident saw another famed boxing referee, Ian John-Lewis, reach an out-of-court settlement in a race discrimination case against the BBBofC. After the accord, BBBofC took the opportunity to reassert their dedication towards ensuring equality, diversity, and inclusivity in the field of boxing.


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