Janhvi Kapoor Opens Up About Criticism and Cyberbullying in Bollywood

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Janhvi Kapoor Discusses Her Battle with Cybertrolls

Janhvi Kapoor on Navigating Through Negativity in Bollywood and Social Media

Jahnvi Kapoor, the talented young actress of Bollywood, recently opened up about her experiences with online trolls and undue criticism in the industry during an exclusive interview with our source in 2023.

Understanding the Motives Behind Negative Comments

One of the key takeaways from her dialogues was Kapoor’s perspective on the motives behind the hurtful remarks she encounters online. She expressed that people’s comments are often driven by varied motivations. Some critiques stem from sincere feedback and others are born purely out of ill-will and malice.

Nepotism Accusations and Facing Personal Attacks

Kapoor divulged the personal challenges she faces, particularly when confronting accusations of benefiting from nepotism. Dealing with such adverse and personal critiques online is a significant struggle in her journey. Despite the hurtful words, she manages to retain her dignity and positivity.

The Importance of Constructive Criticism

No stranger to harsh scrutiny, Kapoor is not entirely dismissive of all criticism. She draws attention to the difference between constructive criticism and baseless negativity. The actress believes constructive criticism is essential for growth, whereas unfounded negativity only serves the purpose of undermining her efforts and happiness.

Kapoor’s Strategy Against Negativity

  • Finding strength within herself and ignoring the undue hatred.
  • Not letting external negativity influence her happiness and peace.
  • Using beneficial criticism as a stepping stone to enhance her skills and performances.
  • Constantly reminding herself of the motives behind the most malicious attacks and not taking them to heart.


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