Jamnagar Crackdown: Notorious Saicha’s Bungalows Demolished for Land Encroachment

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State Government Bulldozes Encroachments of Infamous History-Sheeter in Jamnagar

The city administration of Jamnagar in collaboration with the state government carried out an operation recently to dismantle two bungalows owned by notorious history-sheeter Razak Saicha and his family. These residences were reportedly constructed unlawfully on government-owned land, according to our sources. The demolitions serve as a continuation of a crackdown on illegal construction activity initiated last December, when a building venture under Saicha’s ownership was met with similar action.

Legal Battles and Consequences

These actions were undertaken after criminal charges were filed against Saicha and his brother Hanif. The siblings were accused under the stringent Gujarat Land Grabbing (Prohibition) Act, catapulting the matter into a serious legal tussle. Despite multiple attempts to contest these charges in court, including a rejected title suit and unsuccessful appeal to the Gujarat Revenue Tribunal, the duo failed to convince the judiciary of their innocence. A local court concluded the trial against them, charting the path for the demolition of the said bungalows.

A Life Intertwined with Crime

Razak Saicha, who is connected to almost 50 criminal cases, finds himself currently embroiled in a legal dispute concerning abetting a woman’s suicide. Consequently, he is under judicial custody while investigations into these allegations are underway.

Political Shake-Up in Gujarat Amidst Unprecedented Actions

Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra Experiences Defections

In a separate but not unrelated note, the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra led by senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, has reportedly suffered some minor setbacks due to defections to the opposing BJP camp. However, these events have not managed to dampen the spirits within the Congress.

Unyielding Optimism of Congress Leaders

Paresh Dhanani, a notable name in the Congress leadership, has remained unfazed and optimistic amidst these developments. He retorted that the BJP’s recruitment tactics are reflective of their inability to rely on their own work for political victories. Dhanani also emphasized the primary goal of the Yatra, which is to unify people and safeguard the Constitution, reiterating his belief in the mission’s success.

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