Israel Plans to Relocate 1.4 Million Gazans Ahead of Rafah Ground Operation

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Relocation of Displaced Gaza Civilians Announced by Israeli army

According to sources from our newspaper, the Israeli army has disclosed plans to shift a substantial number of displaced Gaza civilians, currently residing in Rafah, to newly designated ‘humanitarian islands’ within the bounds of the Gaza Strip. This major announcement suggests preparations for a possible ground operation are underway.

Rafah – Outlook and Concerns

Rafah, a city nestled against the border of Egypt, represents the final bastion of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Fears surrounding the potential disastrous outcome of an attack on this southern territory have spread among Israel’s allies and various humanitarian aid organizations. As reported by our correspondent, no specific timeline for the evacuation process or launch of the attack has been formally established.

Statement from IDF Spokesperson

In a brief interaction with the media, IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari stated that the process of evacuating Rafah’s inhabitants to the designated areas would be carried out in coordination with international partners. According to him, this will ensure the displaced civilians have access to basic necessities such as temporary housing, food, water, and other fundamental needs. Hagari also stressed the significance of strategic timing and the involvement of Egypt in carrying out the operation.

Remarks from the Defense Minister

Yoav Gallant, the Defense Minister of Israel, provided a glimpse of the imminent ground offensive while shedding light on the intensive preparations undertaken. As per Gallant, the objective behind this significant move is to eliminate safe grounds for terrorists within the Gaza Strip.

The Humanitarian Islands

  • The proposed ‘humanitarian islands’ are supposed to provide temporary refuge to the displaced civilians of Gaza.
  • These areas are being designed to ensure their residents’ basic needs for food, water, and shelter are met.
  • The relocation plan aims at minimizing the harm to civilian life in the light of a possible full-scale ground operation.

Any further updates regarding the situation will be reported from our sources on the ground.

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