Island Grounds’ Trade Expo Attracts 30,000 Guests on Republic Day

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India Tourism and Industrial Trade Fair Attracts Over 2.25 Lakh Visitors

Over 2.25 lakh individuals have graced the 48th edition of the India Tourism and Industrial Trade Fair, a unique gathering that took place at Island Grounds in the city. This number comprises approximately 1.84 lakh adults, with the remaining 40,000 being children, as reported by Reader Wall officials.

The Fair’s Launch and Operation

The famous Trade Fair was inaugurated on January 12 and is scheduled to run for 45 days straight. The fair is continually open to the public from 4 p.m. till 10 p.m., accommodating maximum participation. Reliable insiders from the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC) divulged that the event drew a whopping 30,000 visitors to the many stalls erected by 49 State government departments and two Central government departments on Republic Day alone.

Interesting Features and Highlights

The fair is divided into two main sections: stalls and an entertainment area replete with fun rides. Even visitors who came solely for the gleeful rides make an effort to explore the government department stalls, an official stated. Notably, the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department erected a stall showcasing a replica of the renowned Jambukeshwarar temple, where visitors were offered prasadam.

Educational and Interactive Displays

The Integrated Child Development Service Scheme (ICDS) stall provided a weighing scale and offered detailed instructions on preparing nutritious sathu maavu for children. The Sports Department stall featured a basketball hoop for visitors to enjoy. The Reserve Bank of India stall offered the service of replacing old soiled notes. Notably, numerous schools brought their students to the fair as a way to educate them about various government departments and their functions.


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