iOS 17.4 Trial: A Revolution for iPhone Consumers and EU Economy

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Major Updates Rolled Out in iOS 17.4 Beta Release

The iOS 17.4 beta version has been released, introducing significant changes particularly for users within the European Union. This update is Apple’s proactive response to the new regulations introduced by the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), allowing a higher degree of customization and freedom for users in the EU. The information originates from the source of Reader Wall.

Increased Emoji Choice and Enhanced Podcast Experience

This version has ushered in a massive update: a rollout of 118 new emojis. These range from a head-shaking emoji, portraying disbelief, to a lime slice, a phoenix, mushrooms, and a broken chain. This overhaul adds more diverse expressions and symbols to the emoji menu. Moreover, Apple Podcasts will now provide transcripts of podcast episodes, boosting user experience by increasing accessibility and convenience.

Boost to Gaming and Enhanced Security

The gaming platform on the App Store is due for a significant upgrade. Gaming platforms such as Nvidia GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming will now boast their dedicated apps, enhancing the gaming experience for iPad and iPhone users. In addition to the gaming revamp, a new ‘Stolen Device Protection’ feature will be introduced which bolsters security by delaying alterations to security settings when the device is detected in an unknown location.

Upgrades to Siri for an Enhanced User Experience

Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, is slated for some crucial improvements. Siri will soon be equipped to read out texts in multiple languages without altering its primary interaction language. This upgrade propels Siri to new heights of versatility, making it an even more universal assistant capable of functioning seamlessly in various languages.

Significant Shifts for EU Users

Adherence to the new DMA regulations has caused iOS 17.4 to introduce some significant changes specifically for EU users. Users will now have the ability to access third-party app stores and enjoy the return of Fortnite to the Apple App Store, albeit exclusively in the EU region. This move signifies a vital transformation in the operations of the App Store, creating room for more competition and augmenting diversity.

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