Invitational Victory: Monument Mountain Wrestlers Secure Third Spot

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Monument Mountain High School Wrestling Team Secures Third at Prestigious Tournament

The high school wrestling team from Monument Mountain has made a significant achievement, garnering third place in the coveted Mountie Invitational wrestling tournament. This 31st occasion of the tournament took place at Mount Greylock High School, one of the recognized fixtures in Western Massachusetts’ wrestling landscape. Monument Mountain wrestlers stood out among their competitors by amassing an impressive total of 137.5 points.

Team Players Excel on the Mat

This accomplishment can definitely be attributed to a strong collective effort by the team, as several members stepped up their performance. A shining example would be Sam St. Peter, who competes in the 285-pound weight class. St. Peter triumphed in his category, giving a major boost to the team’s overall point score. His achievement embodies the foundational ideals of wrestling such as tenacity and self-discipline.

St. Peter wasn’t alone in showing exemplary performance. Teammates Dominic Dignard and Shaun Frank battled their way to the finals in the 144-pound and 190-pound divisions respectively. Their commendable performances mirror the team’s unwavering determination and capability to perform under pressure, helping Monument Mountain to take a lead over several other Western Mass schools in the tournament rankings.

Recognizing Alexander Schindler’s Success

Alexander Schindler’s performance is worth mentioning as he brought home the bronze in the challenging 120-pound class. His success, along with his teammates’, emphasizes the depth of talent within the Monument Mountain wrestling team.

Lasting Impacts of the Tournament

The Monument Mountain wrestling team’s third-place finish in this tournament speaks volumes about the strength and potential of the program. Competing against a host of Western Massachusetts wrestling teams, their strong performance is a clear display of diligent training, enthusiastic team spirit, and the passionate commitment of each wrestler.

Their notable triumph at the Mountie Invitational seems likely to pave the way for future achievements and is anticipated to inspire and motivate aspiring wrestlers in the school. Our sources foresee a bright future for the Monument Mountain wrestling program following this impressive tournament outing.


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