Internal Discord Surfaces in Congress Over Leadership Decisions in Telangana

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Conflicts Within the Congress Party Intensify


Our sources report that tensions within the Congress party, especially between the AICC in-charge for Telangana and AICC secretaries, continue to escalate. The contention arises from the alleged unconsultative decision-making approach of the AICC in-charge.

Visible Signs of Discord

These internal issues came under the spotlight when none of the AICC secretaries attended a public gathering in Chevella. This absence was seen as a clear sign showcasing their dissatisfaction and feelings of being sidelined.

Effects on The Upcoming General Elections

Despite this apparent discord, some party insiders maintain an optimistic outlook towards the Congress’s performance in the impending General Elections. However, this internal strife seems to be affecting the appointment process for nominated posts, sparking disagreements on the number of leaders to be appointed.

Addition of New Leadership

These developments reflect a notable shift in the working style accompanying the new leadership wave. Such changes, while disconcerting, are not unexpected during transitional times.

Reactions Within the Party

Despite the tensions, Congress working president B. Mahesh Kumar Goud has dismissed these speculations. He reassured that regular party functions and decision-making processes are operating smoothly. Furthermore, he expressed confidence that any internal conflicts would be effectively resolved within the party itself.


  • A tense atmosphere has manifested within the Congress Party.
  • The main conflict is between the AICC Telangana in-charge and the secretaries.
  • The issue resulted from the alleged unilateral decision-making of the AICC in-charge.
  • Despite the discord, party insiders expect positive results in the upcoming General Elections.
  • Conflict appears to be affecting the nominated posts’ appointment process, causing disagreements on potential appointees.
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