Innovative Manhattan Store Unveils Benches Crafted from Vintage Mac Pros

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Transforming Tech into Tune: Hidden’s Mac Pro Bench

Revolution in Recycle: Turning Macs Into Benches

An inventive approach to recycling is brought to life by Hidden, a clothing boutique situated in Manhattan. They have significantly repurposed two first-generation Mac Pros as the fundamental components of an extraordinary bench. This bench, known as the ‘Mac Pro Bench’, exhibits the seamless manipulation of technology into intriguing furniture items.

Reconstruction of Electronic Components: Making Way for an Art Piece

The Mac Pro’s electronic guts have been smartly removed to make room for this creative reconversion. The bench features a bent aluminum plank acting as its seating area, which flawlessly integrates with the Mac Pros. The means of this integration were so meticulous, one might wonder if this was the initial intention of the desktop computers’ design.

Dual Variations: Brushed Aluminum or Vibrant Green

The exceptional bench comes in two different styles. The first style preserves the Mac Pro’s initial brushed aluminum aesthetic, retaining the original, sleek look of the computer units. The second style adopts Hidden’s trademark vibrant green color scheme, offering buyers an exciting alternative. Both versions gloriously showcase the Hidden brand’s insignia on their seating surfaces.

A Seamless Blend: Tech Meets Fashion

The fusion of technology and fashion is deeply evident in both versions of this visually captivating bench. This bench is not merely a creation of function, but a statement piece that marries the lines between technology and sustainability with a fashionable twist. It testifies Hidden’s innovative mindset in utilizing redundant technology, transforming it into a visually striking artifact that echoes the brand’s uniqueness.