Informant Claims Unfair Dismissal by South Carolina Mental Health Department

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Former Employee Sues South Carolina Department of Mental Health Over Alleged Wrongful Termination

In a turn of events, Ann O’Connor, an ex-compatriot at the South Carolina Department of Mental Health, has taken legal action against her former bosses. O’Connor alleges that the root cause of her termination is a violation of the South Carolina Whistleblower Protection Act. She worked as a human resources coordinator from September 2019 to February 2023. The crux of O’Connor’s case revolves around her claim that her dismissal resulted from her upstanding decision to refuse to execute the illegal termination of a pregnant colleague and an older staff member.

An In-depth Look at O’Connor’s Claims

The legal action pins the blame squarely on the shoulders of two of O’Connor’s erstwhile managers, Jackie Brown and Ron Crites. O’Connor alleges they ordered her to carry out the illegal dismissals. While the department’s policy is to maintain silence concerning ongoing legal matters, it has been confirmed by our sources that both Brown and Crites are still members of the workforce at the Waccamaw Center of Mental Health.

The Unraveling of Unlawful Dismissals

According to the details mentioned in the complaint filed by O’Connor, her superiors directed her to dismiss an employee once they were informed about her pregnancy. Their unwillingness to accommodate the expectant employee is clear. O’Connor also mentioned a similar command to terminate an older employee. Such an action stands in direct contradiction to the law of South Carolina. Following her decisions to report these incidents and not act on the terminating orders, O’Connor alleges that she was the target of backlash.

Unjust Retaliation and The Act of Wrongful Dismissal

O’Connor recounts facing retaliatory actions in multiple ways; denial of a promotion, refusal of any time off, and derogatory comments. Her forcible termination on February 1, 2023, is deemed as an immediate reaction to her complaints. With this lawsuit, O’Connor is hoping to secure compensation for damages, lost benefits, and wages, along with lawyer’s fees resulting from her inappropriate dismissal and the alleged infringement of the whistleblower’s protections.

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