Infineon and OMRON Reveal Compact V2X Charging Equipment

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Infineon and OMRON Social Solutions Collaborate to Develop a Compact Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Charging System

News comes from the source of Reader Wall that Infineon Technologies AG and OMRON Social Solutions Co. Ltd. have teamed up to create a compact and powerful vehicle-to-everything (V2X) charging system. This new product combines Infineon’s gallium nitride (GaN) power solutions with OMRON’s circuit and control technology to create a state-of-the-art system that is one of the smallest and lightest in Japan.

Small in Size, Big in Power

The inventive V2X charging system, a new part of OMRON Social Solutions’ KPEP-A series, includes Infineon’s CoolGaN technology. This novel construction results in a design that is 60% lighter and smaller than older models. However, the reduced size doesn’t lessen the unit’s strength. In fact, it has superior charging capacity with capabilities of 6 kW, which is a significant improvement in this industry.

More Power, Less Space

The new V2X model doesn’t just provide more power in a smaller package; it also offers increased power efficiency. It improves efficiency by over 10% at light load and approximately 4% at full load. The improvement highlights the essential role that wide bandgap semiconductors, such as silicon carbide and gallium nitride, play in enhancing energy generation and use.

Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future

The V2X system offers two-way charging and discharging abilities between renewable energy sources, the power grid, and electric vehicle (EV) batteries. This versatile function makes it an essential component in the move towards more renewable energy, smart grids, and widespread EV use. Adam White from Infineon and Atsushi Sasawaki from OMRON Social Solutions underscored the importance of the partnership in pushing for renewable energy and EVs and for overcoming obstacles to EV adoption. This effort aligns with global strategies for reducing carbon and promoting digitalization, providing a practical solution to some of the world’s most urgent problems.


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