Indian Leader Proposes Worldwide Collaboration on Law Hurdles at Commonwealth Assembly

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Indian President Droupadi Murmu Stresses India’s Role in Global Justice Delivery

India’s President, Droupadi Murmu, expressed a high degree of confidence in her nation’s significant contribution towards shaping worldwide discussions on justice delivery at the concluding event of CAGSC-24. She identified India’s valuable experiences and insightful interpretations as instrumental, coming from the largest democracy in the world, rich in democratic tradition.

Need for International Cooperation in Addressing Legal Challenges

President Murmu accentuated the requirement for comprehensive cooperation among multiple nations to tackle environmental justice and related transboundary legal disputes. Amid the growing crisis of climate change, she contended, the necessity for such countries to work in unison has never been greater. She esteemed the diverse and enduring traditions of the Commonwealth as being ideally located to promote such a collaborative approach to common problems.

Murmu invoked the Indian philosophical perspective of ‘nyaya’, which encapsulates both justice and logic, to underscore the critical function of the legal fraternity in upholding ethical order.

The Evolution of the Indian Criminal Justice System

Amit Shah, India’s Union Home Minister, resonated with President Murmu’s views, singling out the requirement to contemporize the Indian criminal justice framework. He highlighted the execution of three novel laws, endorsed last year by President Murmu, that aspire to substitute the Indian Penal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code, and the Evidence Act. Shah’s remarks indicate that this development advances India’s criminal justice system into one of the most modern worldwide.

Shah also underlined the necessity to utilize technology to ensure the justice system remains accessible, affordable, and accountable. The latest laws incorporate provisions for utilizing technology and constructing the necessary infrastructure, presently established and ready for deployment.

Overview of Commonwealth Attorneys and Solicitors General Conference

The conference took place in New Delhi, centered around the theme ‘Cross-Border Challenges in Justice Delivery’. Its goal was to deliberate on significant topics related to law and justice, drawing participants from across the Commonwealth nations and various international delegations.

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, shared his insights at the event, emphasizing India’s modernization of laws and the removal of several obsolete colonial laws. Wrapping up, President Murmu acknowledged the prominent role of Indian leaders trained in law, in stimulating national consciousness. This distinctive trait, shared across many Commonwealth nations, further solidifies their reciprocal connection.


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