Historic Triumph of Crispus Attucks Tigers Honored in ‘A Touch of Glory’ Performance

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The Revolutionary Story of Crispus Attucks Tigers

The Crispus Attucks Tigers, the first all-Black team to win a state championship in any sport in America, made history. Their story is now being retold in the gripping play “A Touch of Glory.” Writer Laura Town and director Deborah Asante have worked to recreate this impactful sports event from 1955.

Recapturing a Historic Victory

The play highlights the Tigers’ journey, their challenges, triumphs, and the lasting impact they have made. To ensure authenticity, Town conducted extensive research, including interviews with people directly linked to the team. She spoke with the Crowe family and former team members such as Bill Hampton, John Gipson, Willie Merriweather, and Hallie Bryant, giving the audience real insights into this significant achievement.

Anticipated Premiere

Set to debut in February 2024, “A Touch of Glory” aligns its premiere with the NBA All-Star event in Indianapolis. This scheduling allows basketball fans nationwide to enjoy this historic tale. The play offers both free Community Previews and ticketed performances, with tickets costing $20 online and $30 at the door. It targets a wide audience, recommend for ages 13 and up.

Learning Beyond the Play

Besides serving as a fascinating stage performance, the production team has an educational goal. They’re working with educators to create curriculum material related to this historical event. These teaching resources will be accessible to Indiana schools, hence widening the reach of the play. High school drama departments can also avail of the play free of charge, encouraging a greater understanding of this essential part of sports and racial history among younger generations.


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