Hindustan Naval Thwarts Robbery Effort, Saves 19 Team Allies off Somalia Shore

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Indian Navy Thwarts Piracy Attempt and Rescues Crew

In a commendable display of bravery and strategic operations, the Indian Navy recently derailed an act of piracy on an Iranian-flagged fishing vessel off the Eastern coast of Somalia. The vessel, pupularly known as FV Omaril, had been held hostage by seven pirates with its crew consisting of 11 Iranians and eight Pakistanis. The Indian warship INS Sharda was the champion behind the timely intervention and successful rescue operation.

Diligence and Monitoring Leads to Successful Operation

Our trusted source at the Indian Navy, Commander Vivek Madhwal, disclosed that the piracy operation had been under their watch since January 31, 2024. He credits Naval Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) with the identification of the vessel’s location. The warship, INS Sharda, was involved in an anti-piracy assignment at the time. As soon as the piracy attempt was confirmed, the INS Sharda was trajectory-adjusted to intercept the pirates.

Safe Rescue and Zero Casualties

The Indian warship flexed its might by deploying its on-board helicopter and boats to ensure the safe release of the crew members and the vessel. The FV Omaril was also inspected as a precautionary measure to confirm there were no hidden threats aboard. Once safe, the well-being of the crew was also checked. All these operations were carried out without any casualties, showcasing the efficacy of the Indian Navy’s rescue missions.

Endeavor of The Indian Navy

Commander Vivek Madhwal, while speaking about the mission, proudly emphasised the relentless efforts put in by the Indian naval platforms for anti-piracy and maritime security operations. He stressed the Navy’s dedication to guaranteeing the safety of all seafarers and vessels at sea. This mission is a testament to their steadfast commitment towards safeguarding the maritime interests of India and its allied nations.

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