Hartlepool Woman Fined £220 for Failing to Pick Up Dog Muck in Alleyway Incident

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Local Resident Fined for Neglecting to Clean Up After Pet

In a recent legal development stemming from our local source, a 21-year-old resident, Adrianne Groom, was subjected to a fine. Her address has been recognized as Jackson Street, located in Hartlepool. Groom was slapped with a £220 fine, owing to her failure to clean up after her pet dog’s defecation. The concerned incident is reported to have occurred in an alleyway off Oxford Road.

Incident Details

This unfortunate event took place on the 5th of July in the previous year. The local authorities proceeded with legal actions against Groom, relying on the established legislation, specifically, the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime, and Policing Act of 2014. The sections under which she was convicted were 67 and 68.

Additional Charges

In addition to the initial fine of £220, Groom has been ordered to pay supplementary charges as well. These additional charges include a victim surcharge of £88 and prosecution costs amounting to £120. Hence, the total penalty that Groom is obliged to pay sums up to a substantial £428. According to the court’s directive, this amount must be settled in full by the stipulated date of 22nd March.

The Absence of Convicted at the Hearing

The case against Groom was taken to the court by local Hartlepool Council. It was a response to her lack of presence in the court hearing, which was conducted on the 23rd of February. Our source also mentions that during the hearing, unrelated information about local improvements was discussed and an offer was made to subscribe to a newsletter for additional news coverage.


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